Heraklion Museum / Knossos Antiquities

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete, often referred to as the Knossos Museum, is a remarkable institution that houses an extraordinary collection of artifacts from the ancient Minoan civilization.

Although not located at the Knossos archaeological site itself, the museum is intimately connected to it. The artifacts on display offer a vivid window into Minoan life, showcasing intricate pottery, vivid frescoes, tools, and jewelry, among other archaeological treasures. These relics provide invaluable insights into the daily life, art, and culture of this prehistoric civilization that thrived on the island of Crete around 2000 to 1400 BC.

A visit to the Heraklion Museum is a journey through time and a chance to better understand the grandeur of Knossos and the Minoan world.

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